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#302 : Mes fidèles amis

Mes fidèles amis

Réalisateur : Michael Spiller
Scénariste : Tom Hobert

L'amitié entre Tuck et JD est remise en question lorsque Tuck emmène le Todd dans le bar où ils se sont rencontrés. Et JD hésite à entamer une nouvelle relation avec une autre personne. Enfin, Turk et Carla ont enfin décidé d'une date pour le mariage.

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Titre VO
My Journey

Titre VF
Mes fidèles amis

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Plus de détails

Nurse Roberts is walking through.

J.D.'s Narration: Hospitals are filled with people who just came off 18-hour shifts. So when a patient dies, it's not uncommon to take them to the morgue yourself, then grab a little shut-eye in their bed.

Nurse Roberts enters a private patient's room, and approaches the sheet-covered body on the bed.

J.D.'s Narration: Unfortunately, sometimes you're beaten to the punch.

As she pulls back the sheet, J.D., underneath, bolts up from his sleep.

J.D.: I'm up!

Nurse Roberts screams.
J.D. screams.
Poor Nurse Roberts collapses on the floor in fright.

Cut to...
J.D., Turk, Carla are outside the front doors with Nurse Roberts.

J.D.: [to Nurse Roberts] You can hardly notice it. It's actually kinda pretty!

We get a close up of Laverne's face -- there's a huge chip in her front tooth.

Nurse Roberts: Jack-ass. [her missing tooth causes the S to whistle]

She heads inside.
Turk nods out into the parking lot.

Turk: Look who's here.

Sean's car has pulled up to let Elliot out.

J.D.'s Narration: I'm never happy when a guy comes back into Elliot's life. But at least with Sean...it's entertaining.

Elliot lingers to say goodbye through her open door.

Elliot: Thanks for the latte. I should have warned you that the reason I love that place is that they're known for making the hottest coffee in town.

Sean: [lisping] Yeah, well, no sthweat. You know, lessthon learned.

Elliot smiles.

Carla: Is it me, or do those two seem less awkward around each other?

Sean: Sthee ya, Elliot.

Elliot slams her door shut and he drives off. Unfortunately, Elliot has accidentally slammed part of her backpack in the door, and it rips apart, mostly dragged off by Sean's car.
Elliot shrieks in surprise, but tries to recover her cool.

Elliot: See ya!


Elliot and J.D. are having a break. Turk and Carla enter.

Carla: Okay, I have some news! We picked a date for the wedding.

Elliot gasps in anticipation.

Carla: Tell 'em Turk.

Turk opens his mouth.

Carla: April 24th!

Elliot: No, way! Mine is April 25th! 2006! [off their looks] Oh, the place I love in Connecticut books up early so what the hell, took a shot.

J.D. leans over to Turk.

J.D.: One, two, three...

&: Crazy!

Elliot: Oh, so you've never dreamt about your wedding day.

J.D. is at the altar with his bride.

Priest: Do you, John Dorian, take Marcia Brady to be your wife?

Maureen McCormick: My name is Maureen McCormick.

J.D.: [quieting her] Marcia, please!
Father, continue.


J.D.: No, I have not!
By the way, Carla, I know an amazing Journey cover band, you should get 'em to play at your reception.

Carla: Bambi, not everyone loves Journey as much as you.

J.D.: I don't _love_ Journey.

Turk: [prompting him] "She's just a small town girl..."

J.D.: [going off] "...Livin' in a lonely world! She took a midnight train goin' aaaanywheeeere!" Fine, I love 'em. If you wanna book the band, they're called The Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin's and they rock! Book 'em now, thank me later.

J.D.'s Narration: After that, the day got worse.

Cut to...
SEA WORLD (Yes, Sea World)
Elliot, J.D., and Carla are walking through the bleachers to find their seats.

Elliot: Thanks for giving me a ride down here to see Sean.

Carla: I've never been to Sea World. What exactly does Sean do here, anyway?

J.D.: Probably cleans up the seal poop!

Elliot: There he is!

She points at a huge tank, where a killer whale erupts from the water, pushing Sean into the air with its snout.
The crowd cheers. As does Elliot.

J.D.: Lame!


It seems like just about everyone has business here.
Carla picks up a lonely urine container from the counter.

Carla: Who left this urine here?

Dr. Cox: [sing-song] Someone's got a secret admirer!

Carla: Dr. Kelso? Someone left this urine specimen sitting around. What's interesting is that the name tag's been ripped right off.

Dr. Kelso: Sweetheart, I think you're confusing interesting with boring.

J.D. and Turk are having a little chat.

J.D.: I can't believe you and Carla set a date.

Turk: Yep, it's happening.

Dr. Cox interrupts them.

Dr. Cox: Wedding talk! Ohh, how lovely!
Listen, Hilton sisters: Mr. Quinn in 206 still has a severely shattered clavicle and he needs a surgical consult now. And, seeing as he's _your_ patient, and _you're_ a surgeon, gosh, I was hoping that if you two hens have an extra moment between choosing centerpieces and deciding just exactly how you're gonna attach that veil onto Baldy's head, well, it would just be super-de-duper if you could peek in in there and give him the old lookie-loo; wouldn't it?

He growls and turns away.
Turk and J.D. shrug and head off down the hall together.

J.D.: Anyway, about this whole setting the date thing: I mean, I'm really psyched for you guys, it's just gonna be harder and harder for us to hang out, you know? I mean, you're gonna be married, man! You're gonna have, like, a house! You know? You're gonna be spending your weekends chasing around little Arturo and Rosaria!

Turk: You mean Tamika and Fuquan?

J.D.: You should...talk to Carla....
Anyway, this is the end of a major chapter in our lives, ma-- You know what? I'm gonna take you out tonight. Yes, sir! We're gonna get some dinner, we'll get a nice bottle of wine....

Turk: Sounds like you're asking me out on a man-date.

He walks on ahead. J.D. stops.

J.D.: Turk, why are you so afraid of loving me?


Elliot is still there, hanging out with Sean after the show. They're standing next to one of the tanks, where a dolphin waits for Sean's instruction.

Sean: Up!

The dolphin lurches up out of the water.

Elliot: [giggles] Whoa! Do you actually talk to each other?

Sean: Elliot, come on, he's just a dolphin.

The dolphin squeaks its objection.

Sean: Because, Bruce, then she would think I was crazy, that's why!

Bruce squawks something probably unprintable.

Elliot: [laughs] You know, I am so glad that we're dating again.

Sean: Elliot, we're not dating.

Elliot: Why don't you want to be dating?

Sean: [struggling to explain] Th--well--all right.... Here.... Man! Why is everything so much easier with dolphins?

Elliot: Because you're not trying to date a dolphin.

Sean: No. No. Well, not after that big talk they gave us. [sighs] Elliot, last time we were together, I thought everything was going great, and then out of nowhere you dumped me for your job. I gotta be honest with you, I've never been so crushed in my entire life.

Elliot: [giggling excitedly] Really?
[straightens up] That is not something that I'm happy about. Sean, I was an intern, and if I hadn't made medicine my priority, then I wouldn't have lasted. But...now things are gonna be different because I'm different. I'm New Elliot.

Sean: Well, do you think that, uhh...you think the new Elliot, uh, would like to go to dinner tonight?

Elliot: [playing aloof] I don't know.... She's very busy....

Sean: [smiling] Mm-hmmm.

He leans in to kiss her.
Bruce squawks his disapproval and splashes Elliot, soaking her head.

Elliot: Oh!


Carla is in the lunch line, with the container of mystery urine occupying a spot on her tray. Nurse Roberts is in line behind her.

Carla: Well, I'm telling you, Laverne, by this afternoon we're gonna find out whose urine this is.

Nurse Roberts: I got a better idea: Why don't _you_ do that. I'm gonna run across the street and get my tooth fixed so I can stop looking like Larry Holmes.

Ahead of Carla, Dr. Cox turns around.

Dr. Cox: Carla, you're forcing me to say something that I prayed I'd never have to say again to another woman: Please, please, please, put down the cup of urine.

She gives him a look, and he goes off to his table.
Carla approaches the head of the cue to pay.

Cashier: 6.50, please.

Carla: 6.50? For an egg-salad sandwich?

Cashier: 4.50 for the egg-salad, 2 bucks for the apple juice that you put in a urine container.

Carla: Who would do that?!

The Todd butts in with a tray full of nothing but urine containers, ostensibly full of apple juice.

Todd: Just the burger for me.


J.D. and Turk are at the bed of the patient, Mr. Quinn (who never seems to have a first name) -- a guy in his 30s.
Turk is going over the chart.

J.D.: Mr. Quinn, before I examine your clavicle, let me ask you something: Do you think it's out of line for me to want to take my best friend here to dinner?

Mr. Quinn: Well, I, uhh....

J.D.: I mean, this is like the end of an era! Okay? We've always been known as Turk-&-J.D. Like, when we were in college, people'd be like, "When are Turk-&-J.D. getting here?" Right? And then in med school, everyone was like, "When _are_ Turk-&-J.D. getting here?"

Turk: We didn't have a car.

J.D.: The point is, we were together so much, this one Indian girl only slept with him 'cause she thought his last name was "Anjadi".

Turk: [Indian accent] It was a very good day for me!

J.D. throws his arm around Turk.

J.D.: See! This is the kind of stuff I'm gonna miss! The...the reminiscing...the way your breath always smelled of curry....

Turk: All right, fine, it's a man-date. [heads over to Mr. Quinn's side] Now, you and I, we're still on for surgery tomorrow, right?

Mr. Quinn: Right. Listen, when you slice me up, make sure you don't mess up my tatt. -- my fiancé, Tracy, would kill me.

J.D.: I had a tattoo once.

Turk: Dude, you got your face painted at the hospital picnic.

J.D.: I was a cougar! Arrgh-arrgh-aaarrgh! See ya later.

He heads out.


Elliot is all dolled up for her date. She finishes her slinky look by stealing a look in a mirror behind the desk to slide on some bright red lipstick before heading out.
Dr. Cox comes up behind her and observes this with bemusement.

Elliot: Dr. Cox, does this shade of red make me look like a clown?

Dr. Cox: No, Barbie, no. It makes you look like a prostitute who caters exclusively _to_ clowns.

Elliot: Oh, I'm sorry, that was my mistake. I keep forgetting that you're a horrible, horrible person.

Dr. Cox: Oooh, backbone, Barbie.

She starts to walk out.

Dr. Cox: Heeee-xcuse me! You wouldn't happen to be signing out Mr. Hudson to the on-call resident, would you?

Elliot: Eee-yeah, why?

Dr. Cox: He's your patient, he needs a lumbar puncture, and you can't necessarily count on the on-call resident to do that, now, can you?

Elliot: It's just that, Dr. Cox, I've got a date with this guy named Sean--

Dr. Cox: Would you do me a personal favor and excuse me just for one moment?

Elliot: Yeah?

Dr. Cox shuts his eyes and begins snoring loudly.

Elliot: Dr. Cox, I cannot miss this dinner!

Dr. Cox: Oh! Barbie, I--I actually see your point. You should, in fact, go on your little date, because I have some busy work that's gonna take me over into the vicinity of Mr. Hudson's room, so I'll just pop my head in there and tell him that he's going to die. But, if you have a moment between dinner and giving it away for free, if you could pick up the phone and call Mr. Hudson's wife and kids and tell them about, you know, the dying...?

Elliot gives him a bitter look and takes the patient's chart.

Dr. Cox: Oh, I know, sugar. This would be just the most terrific place to work on the planet if it weren't for all these sick people. Wouldn't it.


Carla is chasing after a doctor who is pointedly ignoring her.

Carla: I'm sorry! I just thought that, as a urine lab technician, you'd be at least half as interested in urine as I am!

She stops as the doc continues on. The Janitor comes up behind Carla.

Janitor: Hey, you know, I--uh, it's not any of my business, but I think I know whose wizz that is.

Carla: I love you!

He gives an "aw, shucks" grunt as she readies her pen.

Carla: Okay, go.

Janitor: Uh, his name is Mr. Freely.

She writes.

Carla: First name?

J.D.: I.P.

She writes that, and then reads it.

Carla: "I.P. Freely"?

Janitor: [laughing] Funny in third grade, funny now.

Carla: [laughs] Listen, Stretch, if you know who this belongs to, I'd 'fess up right now. Otherwise, I'm gonna grab you by the back of that two-dollar haircut and force-feed you the sample so _you_ can carry it around all day. That way, if I ever want it back, all I have to do is point you at a beaker and squeeze really hard! Now, you got any more funny jokes you gotta tell me?

Janitor: No, ma'am.

J.D.'s Narration: In a hospital, every day is made up of little battles.

Carla heads back over to the NURSES' STATION

Carla: Can I have everyone's attention please? I officially don't care anymore who peed in this jar!

She slams the container down onto the counter and walks away.
We're treated to a lovely shot of the fluid sloshing around.

J.D.'s Narration: Sometimes you fight them not because you want to, but because you have to....

The container is picked back up by Carla, and she heads off again with a warning to all:

Carla: Shut up.

J.D.'s Narration: Other times you fight for what you want...

Cut to...
Elliot is on the pay phone.

Elliot: Sean, I can't make it to dinner.

J.D.'s Narration: ...but what you want isn't willing to wait.

Cut to...
Sean is at a table, talking to Elliot on his cell phone.

Sean: Sure, Elliot...yeah....

J.D.'s Narration: If you're lucky, there's no battle at all -- everything works out perfectly.

Cut to...
J.D. is waiting at the bar. Turk walks in.

J.D.: Yo, there he is! For a second I thought you weren't coming, dude.

Bartender: Hey! Turk-&-J.D.! And J.D.!

J.D.: Yeah, I'm so psyched we're doing this, man.

Turk: So am I.
Todd! Over here, buddy!

The Todd comes over.

Todd: 'Scuse me for a second, fellas. I'm gonna go over there and tell that girl my name's "Beer," then I'm gonna offer her some "beer nuts"! [laughing] What's up!

Turk gives him the high five, then Todd turns to J.D. expecting the same.
J.D. doesn't comply.

Todd: Mental five.

He thinks the whack and snaps as he heads off to a table.

J.D.: You invited The Todd?

Turk: Dude, we left at the same time. I didn't know what to say to him.

Off-camera, there's a smacking sound, followed by The Todd's obnoxious laughter.

J.D.: But I thought we were gonna, like, reminisce tonight, you know? Get a little deep?

Turk: Me too. I'm totally bummed out, all right?

Todd comes back over.

Todd: Oh, that was the hottest slap I've ever gotten! I can't believe I wasn't gonna come out tonight! [to Turk] Thanks for twisting my arm.

J.D.: I'm outta here.

J.D. gets up and leaves.

Todd: Hey!

The Todd takes his seat.

Turk: J.D. Come on, man! All right, fine, man! I could have plenty of deep moments with The Todd!

Todd turns to him very seriously.

Todd: Hey. You think gay dudes get turned on by their own wieners?

Turk: Oh, my God.


J.D. is walking through, to Mr. Quinn's Room.

J.D.'s Narration: I wanted to let Turk know exactly how I felt about the way he behaved, so I decided to throw him Mr. Quinn's chart with a little extra mustard sauce!

J.D.: Morning, buddy.

He throws the chart at Turk, but misses -- the clip-board sails right out the window, activating a car alarm below.

J.D.: I apologize for that. To you. [Mr. Quinn] Not you! [Turk]
I thought we were friends! [to Mr. Quinn] Again, not you and me; me and...him. Anyway, have a nice day -- you! [Mr. Quinn] Not you! [Turk]

Dr. Cox enters as J.D. is leaving.

J.D.: [to Dr. Cox] Nor you!

Dr. Cox: Oh, hey, this whole you-leaving-the-room-whenever-I-enter-it thing that you're doing is just...I love it!

Turk explains to Mr. Quinn.

Turk: Ever since I got engaged, he's been acting crazier than my fiancee. Although...Carla is going a little nuts about the dress. Dude, what's up with Tracy?

Mr. Quinn: Dude! Tracy's a guy.

Turk shrinks back.

Turk: That'd make you gay.

Mr. Quinn: I am gay.

Turk: ...Neat!

Dr. Cox: [to Mr. Quinn] Never underestimate just exactly how uncomfortable this makes him.


Elliot's on the pay-phone. It's ringing...and finally, the other end is answered.

Sean: [from phone] Hello?

Elliot: Hey, Sean! It's Elliot! Look, I know that last night didn't go exactly as we planned it, so I thought maybe we could reschedule for tonight?

Cut to... SEA WORLD
Sean is on his cell phone next to one of the tanks.

Sean: Look, Elliot, I think this whole thing may be a bad idea.


Elliot: Just...give me another chance?

Sean: [from phone] Well, I kind of already have plans tonight...


Sean: ...with this girl, Betty...from work.


Elliot: Sean--

Sean: [from phone] I'll see ya, Elliot. [click]

Cut back to...
Sean sighs and leans against the tank.
A sea lion swims up and leans on the edge of the tank next to Sean.

Sean: Oh, look, see, I did what I had to do, and I don't need you judging me right now; all right, Betty?

Betty barks.

Sean: Oh, what do you know.

He looks away, as does Betty. He looks back, and Betty looks at him. She blows a raspberry.


J.D. is wheeling a man with a bandaged head towards the hall.

Guy: I'm telling you, it was a clip-board. It came right out of the sky!

An orderly approaches to take the man.

J.D.: I'm sure it did, sir. [quietly to the orderly] Woo!

Carla speaks to one of the other nurses at the front desk.

Carla: Wendy. Would you watch the phones for me while I go back down to the urology lab?

Wendy: Sure.

Carla: Thanks.

Carla takes up her little obsession and comes out of the desk, running right into Dr. Kelso. She hides the mystery urine behind her back.

Dr. Kelso: Nurse Espinosa. I specifically requested that you transfer Mrs. Merchant to the Morning Side Nursing Home. I'd take her there myself, but then I'd run the risk of bumping into my mother, and the last thing I need is to have another conversation about why she shouldn't have to spend her golden years in a bunk-bed. Now, either do the job we pay you for, or I'll find someone else who will!

He starts to walk off, then stops.

Dr. Kelso: Oh: Have a great day!


Carla is walking through. The Janitor, seeing her coming, ducks into the doorway of a nearby room to avoid Carla seeing him. He carefully steps back out after she passes.
From the Nurses' Station desk, J.D. has watched this.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Oh, my God. The janitor's afraid of Carla! How could I use this to my advantage?

***FANTASY: Carla confronts the Janitor.

Carla: Listen, I want you to lay off J.D.!

Janitor: [cowed] Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm!

Carla: Stop accusing him of things he didn't do!

Janitor: Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm!

Carla: ...And...bring him a fruit smoothie every day.

She cocks her eyebrow at this wonderful idea.
The Janitor thinks for a moment.

Janitor: ¿El gustaria de fresa o guineo?
Subtitle: Would he like strawberry or banana?

Carla: ...El...coche... arbol...morado con queso.
Subtitle: ...Purple ... tree ... car ... with cheese.

Janitor: ¡Mentiroso!
Subtitle: LIAR!

He grabs Carla's hair, which pulls right off, revealing her to actually be J.D.

J.D.: Feliz Navidad.

He runs away.


J.D.: I have to learn Spanish....

Turk approaches.

Turk: Whassup?

J.D.: Oh, nothing -- I just found out my favorite chips cause anal leakage and, oh, I'm not talking to you.

Dr. Cox pops up from behind the desk.

Dr. Cox: How did you get him to stop talking to you?

J.D. takes no notice of the interruption.

J.D.: I don't get it, man. All I wanted to do was take you to dinner, and you made me feel like a total idiot.

Dr. Cox: Wait a minute, I _always_ make him feel like an idiot.

Turk: Why you making a big deal about this?

J.D.: You never tell me how you feel!

Dr. Cox: Aw, dammit all! I never tell you how _I_ feel.

Finally J.D. addresses Dr. Cox:

J.D.: I'm not talking to you!

Dr. Cox: Finally! [heavenward] Thank you.

J.D.: [back to Turk] I don't understand. Ever since I met you it's been like this one-way street. I mean, I-I-I-I tell you everything, and you tell me nothing. I don't get it -- what are you afraid of?

They're interrupted by Mr. Quinn, who approaches with a young black guy.

Mr. Quinn: Hey, guys. This is my fiancé, Tracy. This is Dr. Turk, and Dr. Dorian.

There's a moment of silence as Turk and J.D., dressed in green and blue, respectively, face Mr. Quinn and Tracy, dressed in blue and green, respectively, face each other in a quadrangle shot.

Dr. Cox takes in the scene.

Dr. Cox: Honest to God, I...I love this place.


Elliot and Dr. Cox are in the ward.

Elliot: Soooo...thanks to you, Sean blew me off; but I'm okay. Old Elliot would have gone into a tail-spin, but new Elliot's just gonna get him back, because new Elliot is a fixer. Like, that guy over there -- if his stitches lifted and his spleen ruptured, I would just go over...and fix them!

Guy: My spleen is going to rupture!?

Elliot: Relax, you're fine.

She draws the privacy curtain.

Elliot: [finishing her point] You know what? I am just going to show Sean that he will always come first.

Dr. Cox: Gosh, I hate to interrupt this one-gal pep-rally, there, Barbie, but I give this guy two weeks -- three if you are just terrific in the sack.

Elliot: Well, then it's three!

Dr. Cox: Mm!

Elliot: I mean: You're wrong!

Dr. Cox: You know I just, uh, I just got off the phone with Jordan, who told me that my son rolled over for the first time....

Elliot: [jumping and giggling excitedly] Oh, my God! That's so great!

He mimics her excitement for a moment, then straightens.

Dr. Cox: Big who cares! Not about Jack rolling over for the first time, but definitely about your reaction to my son rolling over for the first time. Point being that I missed it because I was here. You might want to get a pen out and write this down, because here comes the inside scoop: The hospital comes first. Always.

Elliot: Always?

Dr. Cox: Forever and ever.

He starts to move off down the hall.

Dr. Cox: D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand everandeverandeverandever -- You gettin' this? -- Aaaand everandeverandeverandeveraneverandever....

He goes off chanting that to himself as we...
Cut to...
Turk is standing at the foot of Mr. Quinn's bed, obviously fresh from turfing him from surgery, as the man and his fiancé share a moment.

Tracy: So I'll pick you up tomorrow, okay?

Mr. Quinn: Okay.

Tracy: All right.

Tracy gives Mr. Quinn a kiss on the forehead, which squicks Turk.

Tracy leaves, going past Dr. Cox, who is still amusing himself.

Dr. Cox: ...and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever, andeverandeverandeverandever....

Mr. Quinn calls Turk out.

Mr. Quinn: You're not that comfortable with the man-on-man action, are you?

Turk: So I'm a little homophobic.... I mean, we all got our stuff, right? I bet, deep down inside, you're a little racist?

Mr. Quinn: Marrying a black guy?

Turk: Dude, how pissed are your parents, honestly?

Mr. Quinn: So, what makes you so uncomfortable? Is it the sex?

Turk: Don't get me wrong -- I don't love the idea of kissing anyone with a mustache. That's why I always pretend to have a cold when Carla's aunt comes to town.

Turk relaxes a little and sits on the foot of the guy's bed.

Turk: What really freaks me out, though, is the thought of being that open with another guy -- any guy. I don't know what it is, I mean that's just the way I been my whole life. Maybe...maybe it's because I'm scared, you know?

Mr. Quinn: Dude...that's a little gay.


The Janitor, a little dirty, comes up to Carla.

Carla: What?

Janitor: Nurse Espinosa, I feel bad about what happened before; and so I went and searched through like forty bags of garbage.... And I found the torn off urine label. Also found half a tooth.

He holds up his finds.

Nurse Roberts: Over here, jumpsuit!

The Janitor tosses the piece of tooth to the grateful Nurse Roberts.
Carla examines her gift.

Carla: Mr. Thomasberg, let's get you to the lab!

She rushes off.
Dr. Cox addresses the Janitor.

Dr. Cox: Hey, studly! Now, when you were out rooting through the dumpster, you didn't stumble across your own testicles, did'ja?

The Janitor towers over Dr. Cox.

Janitor: Hey, you know that long line of trembling peons that are so afraid of you? Well I'm not in that line.

Dr. Cox: Oh, you're not?

Janitor: [sneering] No. I'm not in anybody's line.

Nurse Roberts: _This_ is a Chicklet!

Janitor: I gotta go.

He rushes back to the garbage.

Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" begins.

Cut to...
J.D. watches Carla happily walk past to solve her urine mystery.

J.D.'s Narration: I'm always happy when someone wins a battle. Because around here, you get your fair share of disappointment.

Cut to...
Elliot looks pensive as she rides.

Journey sings, "Just a small town girl / living in a lonely world / She took the midnight train going anywhere..."

Cut to...
Sean swims with one of his dolphins, not looking overly happy with the choice he's made.

Journey sings, "Just a city boy / born and raised in south Detroit / He took the midnight train going anywhere..."

J.D.'s Narration: I guess in the end you have to fight for things that really matter. Like pride in your work...

Cut to...
Carla strides confidently through.

J.D.'s Narration: ...or your friendship.

Cut to...
"Don't Stop Believin'" is now the background music J.D. has selected on the jukebox. He goes over to the table where Turk is sitting.

Turk: You know, I'm actually starting to like Journey.

J.D.: Well you're gonna be very pleased with the next twenty-three songs.

Turk: Heh.

J.D.: You know, the fact that you're even here for an end-of-an-era celebration is enough -- we don't have to, like, get all deep or anything.

Turk: No, I wanna try this, man. Okay, Um.... Ever since Carla and I set the date for the wedding, I started thinking. You know those lame-ass couples that get engaged but they never actually get married -- they just cruise along, year after year, without making any real kind of commitment?

J.D.: Uh-huh?

Turk: Dude, I wanted to be one of those couples, man!

They laugh.
J.D. flags the bartender.

J.D.: Hey, Puki, can we get two appletinis, please?

J.D.'s Narration: And sometimes, all you can do is grit your teeth and tell the truth.

Cut to...
Journey has come back up as Elliot approaches Sean near the tank.

Sean: Hey.

Elliot: Look, I was planning on coming here and telling you that you'll always come first. But, the truth is that's not a promise I can keep. But the one thing I _can_ guarantee you is that, when it's my decision, I'll always choose you. ...But if that's not enough, I understand.

Sean answers her with a kiss.

The music surges and two dolphins leap from the tank behind them, somersaulting in the air.


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