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#404 : Mon premier meurtre

Mon premier meurtre

Réalisateur : Ken Whittingham
Scénariste  : Tad Quill

En tant que chef des internes, JD demande au Dr Cox de donner un peu de courage à ses internes. Mais au lieu de ça, il leurs explique qu'ils tueront forcément un patient au cours de leur internat. Il crée ainsi la panique au sein de l'équipe.
Elliot et Molly, elles, deviennent très amies. Elliot l'invite alors à un karaoké. Quant à Carla, l'infirmière perd accidentellement Rowdy en voulant le laver afin de faire plaisir à Turk.

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Titre VO
My first kill

Titre VF
Mon premier meurtre

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


Heaven's A Diner (VO)

Heaven's A Diner (VO)


J.D's Leadership Skills (Vo)

J.D's Leadership Skills (Vo)



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Plus de détails

J.D. watches Elliot and Molly over at the desk laughing and talking.

J.D.'s Narration: Being the new doctor at a hospital can be difficult. That's why it's always nice when someone takes the time to reach out and befriend you.

Doctor: Hey! I'm Ron, I'm a new doctor here.

J.D.: Yeah, Ron, the I Don't Care ward's down there.

J.D.'s Narration: Anyway, the person who reached out to Molly...was Elliot.

Elliot: Hey, do you wanna go down to Little Tokyo and do karaoke with me tonight?

Molly: Do people with trichotillomania compulsively pull their hair out?

Elliot: [pause] Do they?

Molly: Yeah!

Elliot: Cool. 'Cause inviting you to karaoke is kind of a big deal to me. I'm a little shy about my "-aoke." Heh.

Molly: I'm sure you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Elliot: Oh, I don't know. I'm pretty tone-deaf. And I do these, like, kick moves that I don't think people really get. Plus I sometimes wear a cape.
Eh! It's probably all in my head.

J.D.'s Thoughts: It's not.

Dr. Cox passes.

J.D.: Ooh, Dr. Cox, can I ask you something?

Dr. Cox: The answer is yes, it was me who saw you doing leg lifts in the gym on that inflatable ball. It was quite the display of girl power. Absolutely loved the leg warmers!

J.D.: First of all, they were just big socks, okay? And secondly, if you need to do some laundry, here's the washboard, right?

Dr. Cox: What do you want?

J.D.: As co-chief resident, I've noticed that some of my residents are a little overwhelmed. And I-I-I think it would be nice if you gave 'em one of your patented pep-talks, you know?

Dr. Cox: I'll be more than glad to give your residents a little pep-talk.

Cut to...

Dr. Cox: Each and every one of you is going to kill a patient. At some point during your residency you will screw up, they will die, and it will be burned into your conscience forever. Hell, take pee-pants, here --

Doug: "Pee-pants."

Dr. Cox: -- he just might go ahead and get himself a good clean kill this morning, seeing as his patient, Mrs. Samson, is in DKA and he hasn't been tracking her phosphate level. Her phosphate level. Her phosphate level.

Doug is furiously taking notes.

J.D.: Doug!!! Stop writing and go!

Doug whimpers and runs off.

Dr. Cox: That young man has killed so many patients, I'm starting to think he just might be a government operative.
The point is, the harder you study, the longer you just might be able to hold off that first kill. Other than that, I guess cross your fingers and hope that the guy you murder is a jackass with no family.
Great to see you kids. All the best!

J.D.: Thank you...thank you, Dr. Cox.... Uhh, okay, guys, pizza and punch in the penthouse.

J.D.: Doug!

J.D.: Wrong patient -- one bed over.

Doug: Hey there!



Turk: This is like my eleventh slice.

J.D.: Cannonball this!

Turk: Mm.

Turk: That's the good stuff!

J.D.: So anyway, after Dr. Cox scared them, no one wanted pizza or punch. Except for Doug, who'd worked up a hearty appetite neglecting Mrs. Samson into a coma.

Carla is heard shrieking from the bedroom.

Carla: Turk! What is Rowdy doing in my closet?

Turk: He's guarding your shoes, baby!

Carla: He almost gave me a heart attack!

Turk: Baby, could you do me a favor and not hold him by the haunches like that? Yeah, he has hip dysplasia.

J.D.: He's a pure-bred -- it's genetic.

Carla: She releases Rowdy from her grip, dropping him to the floor.
The guys gasp in alarm.

Carla: I am sick of that creepy thing! I want him out of my house!

Turk: Wow, isn't that a shocker, you don't care about something that's important to me. You know what? Why don't you just throw him out?

J.D.: Don't listen to him! He's drunk on cheese!

Turk: And don't think Rowdy doesn't know what's going on here!

Carla: What's he gonna do?


Rowdy comes to life and attacks Carla.


J.D.: Easy, boy. She ain't worth it.



J.D.: So, Mrs. Carter, it turns out your fever was just a reaction to the anesthetic we gave you during your cataract surgery. I'm sending you home.

Mrs. Carter: Can I drive my trans-am?

J.D.: That's not up to me, Mrs. Carter. It's up to the police and the owner of those horses you killed.

Mrs. Carter: Ohhh, they were everywhere!

J.D.: You were on a race-track, Mrs. Carter.

He passes the desk where Carla, Elliot, and Molly are talking.

Elliot: I don't get why Turk was so upset about Rowdy. I mean, he's just a creepy, stuffed, stupid yellow dead dog.

They look at her.

Elliot: Too many adjectives?

Molly: Well, I'm sure he's more than a pet to Turk. I mean he's basically a link to his childhood.

Carla: He bought him eight years ago at a garage sale.

Molly: Oh, well, then he's just a Nutter Butter.

Carla: Still...I think I really hurt his feelings.

Elliot: Maybe you should do something nice for Rowdy. Like get him cleaned.

Carla: Hmm.

Flash to...
Carla brings Rowdy in.

Child screams.

Groomer 1: Mm-mm-mm.
Groomer 2: Nope.

Carla: Your sign doesn't say live dog groomer!



J.D.'s Narration: As doctors, we always take patients' histories, even though there usually aren't a lot of surprises.

Elliot: And, Mr. Phillips, do you exercise?

Mr. Phillips: Yoga every morning.

Elliot: Ugh, I can't do yoga -- all that deep breathing. I hate breathing. [laughs] Except, you know, to live. Umm, do you drink?

Mr. Phillips: Occasional glass of wine with dinner.

Elliot: And any drug use?

Mr. Phillips: Been on and off heroin for the last eight years, but I've been clean for the last six months. See? Look, no track marks.

Kid: Way to go, daddy!

Mr. Phillips: [laughs and tousles kid's hair] 'S my biggest fan!

Elliot: Heh. Umm.... Do you smoke cigarettes?

Mr. Phillips: No way.

Elliot: Of course not. Those things'll kill ya.


J.D.: Mr. Daniels, some fluid has gathered near your heart, so I'm gonna schedule a periocardiocentesis and drain it with a needle.

Mr. Daniels: Someone's gonna stick a needle in my chest?

J.D.: Not just someone -- Dr. de Man.

Mr. Daniels: Who is Dr. de Man?

J.D.: Say it...say it without the "Dr."

Mr. Daniels: Who's Mr. de Man?

J.D.: No, just say the--the last name.

Mr. Daniels: Who's de Man?

J.D.: I'm de Man!
That was awesome! That was fun doing that with you.

Mr. Daniels stares blankly.

J.D.'s Thoughts: All right, now that you've got his confidence, drive it home.

J.D.: So I'll go ahead and schedule the procedure.

Mr. Daniels: If you think it's the right thing to do.

J.D.: I do.

He walks out to the hall, catching up with Dr. Cox.

J.D.: Dr. Cox, I want to thank you for that "everyone's a murderer" speech. Nice scare tactic. Unfortunately, my residents have stopped eating.

Dr. Cox: That wasn't a scare tactic, Portia! Eventually everyone commits a sin of omission or doesn't act quickly enough, and somebody kicks the bucket. It's really...it's really not a question of "if" -- it's a question of "when."

J.D.'s Thoughts: It's strange. Even though a lot of patients have died under my care, I don't think I've killed any of them....


J.D.: Heaven's a diner?

Mrs. Tanner: Get anything you want, dear.

J.D.: Ooh! Maybe I'll have some flapjacks!

Elaine: They don't have those.

J.D.: No flapjacks in heaven!?! Are flapjacks evil?
We--d-d-don't worry about it. Listen, dead people, do any of you feel that I may have, you know...killed you?

Mr. Bursky: No.

Mr. Simon: I mean, you weren't a great doctor.

Elaine: He was nervous.

Mrs. Tanner: Oh, like a little bird!
But no, dear. You didn't kill any of us.

J.D.: [embarrassed] You know what? I left my wallet back on earth.


J.D.: Haha! Suckers!



Janitor: Heard you're trying to clean a dead dog.

Carla: Yeah, who told you that?

Janitor: Mmm, the wind.... Blonde doctor.

Carla: Oh.

Janitor: I can clean it for you.

Carla: Why would you do that?

Janitor: I don't know.... Still a little drunk from breakfast. Plus, taxidermy used to be kind a...hobby of mine. You know, till the state took my license away.

Carla: How come?

Ted the Lawyer: What happened to all the cute little squirrels, Flo?

Flash to...

Janitor: Let's call this meeting to order. Uh, first things first, I counted the ballots, and, uh, someone voted twice. Interesting. I'm not pointing fingers -- Troy.

Flash back to...

Janitor: There were never any squirrels.



Elliot: Turk. Got this patient who's got a damaged heart valve and needs a replacement.

Turk: Is he a good candidate for surgery?

Elliot: Definitely. Thirty-five, married, good job, cute little boy, great dog.... Can't remember what kind they said -- long-time recovering heroin addict -- a bulldog! That's what it was! Named Paris -- after the city, not the slutty socialite tramp.

Turk: He's a heroin addict?

Elliot: Yeah, but he is, like, super serious about his sobriety. I mean, he's been to rehab like six times.

Turk: Sounds like he needs to dial it up to super-duper serious, huh!

Elliot: [laughs] I'll tell him!

Turk: Look, Elliot, you know the chief of surgery isn't gonna accept the surgical risk of a valve replacement on someone who's just gonna destroy it with drugs.

Elliot sighs.



Turk: Want some of my pancakes?

J.D.: Uh, devil cakes? No thank you!
Do you know that Dr. Cox is trying to convince me that everyone eventually kills a patient? But I haven't! I know you haven't!

Turk: Hell yeah, I have. Remember my first year? Mr. Quinn? I forgot to write the order for his albumin drip and he...hemorrhaged and died.
You want your doughnut?

J.D.'s Narration: And it turned out Turk wasn't the only one.

Elliot: Mmm, Mrs. Kahn, my second year.

Doug: Uh, Mrs. Studebaker, forty minutes into my first day.

Dr. Kelso: I've been a doctor for thirty years. What do you think?

Doug: On my third day, there was Mr. Kirshnar.

Todd: Jenny Roth, about eight weeks ago. It was really tough, because she was hot.

Doug: And then later that third day--

His beeper goes off.

Doug: Oh, boy, that can't be good.

Dr. Cox: No, Newbie, I have not killed. But I happen to be, as always, the exception that proves the rule. So, right about now, you gotta be asking yourself, do you think you're that good?

J.D.: Oh my God. I'm gonna kill someone.



Elliot: Anyway, because of the heroin use, surgery doesn't want to give Mr. Phillips a heart valve. So now an ethics committee is gonna decide if he gets the operation or not. And I'm freakin' out, because I've gotta go and argue his case at--

She notices the clock.

Elliot: Oh my God! Is it already two o'clock!?

Molly: Oh, relax, that's Greenland time. This way I remember to call my mom on her vacation before she goes on the boat.

Elliot: "The boat"?

Molly: Yeah, she's been sleeping with a commercial salmon fisherman.

Elliot: How fun for her!

Molly: Look, I've dealt with a lot of ethics committees, and you're gonna be great. I mean the key is just be confident.

Elliot: Well, I'm not.

Molly: I tell you what: I'll go with you for moral support. And, you know, if things get dicey 'cause it's just a bunch of stuffed shirts, then we could make out -- and they'll give you whatever you want.

Todd: What? I thought I heard something.

Elliot: Goodbye, Todd.

Todd: Back to the transplant.

Elliot: So, who's even on an ethics committee?

Molly: Well, obviously higher ups. Umm...

Transition to...

Molly: [voice over] ...the Chief of Medicine.... A sharp legal mind.... And an older doctor with a wealth of experience.

Dr. Kelso: If Edwards is dead, I want his cupcake.

Ted the Lawyer: Not yet.



J.D.'s Narration: As I was contemplating how easy it would be to make my first fatal mistake, I had a feeling that Mr. Daniels felt good about this procedure.

Mr. Daniels: You know, I feel good about this procedure.

J.D.'s Narration: See?
Still, we all end up leaning on certain clichés when making major decisions. Like, "Don't jump off a bridge if you don't know how deep the water is."

J.D.: This procedure's too risky right now, Mr. Daniels, I think we should wait.

Carla drives along.

J.D.'s Narration: And, of course, the classic, "No matter how clean the janitor gets your husband's dead dog, you still need to put him in the trunk and not accidentally leave him on the roof when you drive off."

She hits a bump and Rowdy goes sailing through the air, landing in front of a child, who screams.

Molly stands by as Elliot faces the ethics committee.

J.D.'s Narration: And finally, the lesser-known, "You can accomplish anything with a friend by your side."

Elliot: I understand that because of his drug problem, some of you don't think that Mr. Phillips is a good candidate for surgery, but believe me, he understands that this heart valve is a responsibility. Those of you who have met him, like Ted, can attest to this.

Dr. Kelso: This is a very dicey case. Ted, what do you think?

Ted the Lawyer: She knows my name! Whatever she wants!

Dr. Kelso: Very ethical. Why don't I open the floor to those people who currently do not have erections? Dr. Clock. Do you think this guy'll stay clean?

Molly: Oh, I'm just here as a friend. I-I think you should ask Ted again.

Ted the Lawyer: Oh, good God, she knows it too! Am I awake?

Dr. Kelso: Dr. Clock. Edwards, here, is at best just a few minutes away from walking towards the light, so what's say you stop wasting our time and give me your professional opinion.

J.D.'s Narration: Of course, sometimes friends will surprise you.

Molly: Mr. Phillips' numerous relapses paint the picture of someone who has not overcome his addictions, sooo, no, I don't think he will.

Elliot: [hissing] Karaoke's so off!


Elliot storms out of the board room, Molly behind her.

Molly: Look, I know you're mad.

Elliot: Why? Because you betrayed me? Betrayer.

Molly: Look, I'm sorry, but when they asked me for my professional opinion, I had to give it.

Elliot: Oh, I don't know, if you were a real friend you could have lied, kept your mouth shut, made out with me -- any of the stuff that we talked about!

Todd: Did I just hear?

Molly: Todd!

Molly: Look, I really want to work this out, but I have to see this schizophrenic patient, and it's already six.

Elliot: No, Molly, it's three! You're still on stupid Greenland time!

Molly: Oh, shoot, I forgot to call my mom in Yergi(?).



J.D.'s Narration: I know I bailed on Mr. Daniels, but the whole having not killed thing got in my head. Still, no one will notice.

Dr. Cox: Ah! Kiki Dee! I heard Mr. Daniels isn't getting his periocardiocentesis. Since when?

J.D.'s Thoughts: Now you're gonna lie here. Don't be too specific!

J.D.: Since 1:42 yesterday afternoon. His wife did not want him to do it. She's beautiful, by the way -- one green eye, one blue. She's from Luxembourg. They're both from Luxembourg. I believe they're, uh, Luxem...bourgian.

Dr. Cox: Where in Luxembourg? I-I spent two weeks there.

J.D.'s Thoughts: What are the odds? Just stay vague.

J.D.: Uh, outside Mertert, near the German border.

Dr. Cox: Ah.

J.D.: They say what they miss most are those lazy summer afternoons on the Moselle River.

J.D.'s Thoughts: You are channeling that seventh grade book report!

Dr. Cox: Okay. Okay, then.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Bullet dodged! He totally bought it! Hey, where's he taking me?

Continue to...

Dr. Cox: Mr. Daniels. We have rethought things and decided that you should have that procedure.

Mr. Daniels: Okay.

Dr. Cox: I know that took quite a bit of cajoling, but I think I was able to convince him.

J.D.'s Narration: That's okay. 'Cause I wasn't the only one lying around here.


Turk: Hey. Baby. I'm gonna head home and watch some television with Rowdy.

Carla: Rowdy? NO! Um, you shouldn't go home.

Turk: Why?

Carla: I need you to go somewhere for me.
I want you to go to a...strip club!

Turk: Okay.

J.D.: Hey, Turk, can I talk to you for a second?

Turk: Can't talk now, good stuff's happenin'!

J.D.: Can I talk to you for a second?

Guy: Don't care!

Carla: Where, where am I gonna find a dead stuffed yellow lab?

Janitor: I can help.

Carla: No, you have work to do.

They laugh together at the absurdity.

Janitor: Let's go.

Flash to...

Carla: NO!!!

Janitor: Okay. I just needed to know where the line was.

Janitor: Helloo. Wrong place, wrong time, little buddy.

Flash to...

Janitor: Fellas, I'd like you all to meet...Kyle. Welcome him, treat him as a brother. You'll enjoy it here. Any complaints, go to Duane. Umm, what've we got on the table. Greg, may I run the meeting? Is that cool? Okay.



Elliot: Well, I guess I was a little more persuasive than I thought. You got the heart valve!

Mr. Phillips: Oh! That's amazing!

Elliot laughs happily.

Mr. Phillips: We have to celebrate. How do you celebrate without heroin?

Elliot: Uh, with cake mostly.

Mr. Phillips: Then let's score some cake.

Elliot: And, Mr. Phillips, part of the deal here is that you'll come back for the next six weeks for drug rehab.

Mr. Phillips: Absolutely. Not a problem. I'm real good at rehab!

Elliot laughs.

Mr. Phillips: But after that, I'm gonna move my family down to Florida. Start fresh, you know?

Elliot: Yeah.

Molly: Hey! Did somebody page me? I'm sorry I took so long, I was just eating lunch.

Elliot: Oh, of course you were! It's 8:30 in the morning! Just wanted to let you know that the committee voted in my favor.

Molly: Congratulations!

Elliot: Thank you.

Molly: Well, I was congratulating Dean.

Elliot: Uh, why?

Molly: He got a new heart valve.

Elliot: Oh, right. She voted against you!

Molly: Can I talk to you outside?

Cut to...

Molly: Did you just page me so you could rub my face in this?

Elliot: Yes. Uh, there's also a couple of messages on your home machine.

Molly: Look, Elliot, I hope I'm wrong, and I hope he stays clean. Let's just not make this personal, okay?

Elliot: Said the loser. [laughs] Who lost.

Molly: Don't push me. 'Cause one of the reasons I became a therapist is I've always been able to zero in on a person's greatest insecurity.

Elliot: Ohhh, I'm real scared, Molly, what'cha gonna--

Molly: Eyebrows.

J.D.: "Eyebrows." Like that's gonna make you--

Tears stream mascara tracks down Elliot's face.

J.D.: Elliot, come on, you can't be that insecure.

Elliot: Giant Adam's apple!

J.D.: I have to go.

J.D.'s Narration: Elliot's comment didn't bother me, because I'm proud of the body God gave me.

Cut to...
J.D. has a large red turtleneck on under his scrubs.

J.D.'s Narration: Besides, I had bigger problems. I had to do Mr. Daniels' procedure. Luckily I'm a professional, and professionals finish the job.

J.D.: This needle is too sticky! I'm out! Get it together, Laverne!

Dr. Cox: Hey, Peggy? Yes, I noticed the turtleneck choice in August, and can only assume it's got something to do with that grapefruit you store in your trachea. Let me put your mind at ease: You've killed before.

J.D.: Who?

Dr. Cox: Do you remember Mrs. Carter?


J.D.: Whoa. Bye-bye.

Mrs. Carter: Wahoooo!


J.D.: She died?

Dr. Cox: Three days ago of endocarditis. You didn't get blood cultures and you missed it. You happy?

J.D.'s Narration: The weird thing was that I was a little happy.

J.D.: Sticky needle please!

Nurse Roberts: Here you go, Doctor.
Oh, by the way, when this is over [sotto] I'm kicking your ass!


Janitor: Psst! Where's your husband?

Flash to...
Turk is happily following Carla's request.

Flash back to...

Carla: He isn't here.

Janitor: Ruff, ruff.

Carla: [gasps in delight] You found Rowdy!?!

Janitor: Nope. Not Rowdy. This is Steven. You know, Rowdy was 48 inches from snout to tail, Steven's only 46...on a good day.

Carla: I think we're okay! [laughs]

Janitor: I got him off another taxidermy guy on the internet. Had to trade him my, uh, squirrel army.

Carla: Oh, I'm sorry you had to do that; but thank you!

Janitor: Nah. Everyone thinks squirrel armies are so great...I'm not sure it's the healthiest habit in the world.

Carla: Thank you. Thank--

Janitor: He likes the park.

Carla: Let it go. Okay.

Carla: Ew. Smells like Rowdy.

Janitor: He's Steven.



J.D.'s Narration: Killing Mrs. Carter, though admittedly bad for her, was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Mrs. Carter: I don't know how my car ended up in the community pool.

Nurse Roberts: You musta lost control after you went through the snack bar.

Mrs. Carter: [shrugging] Mmm.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Mrs. Carter?

Dr. Cox: Ooh, did I trick Newbie? [laughing] I did, didn't I!
And now of course he has to live in fear of when he will kill. When, when, when when when when when when when when?

J.D.: You know what, I don't appreciate lying.

Dr. Cox: Come on. I know you're scared. A lot of times you feel like a little girl in a big gal's body. But here's the dirty little secret: Fear is good. It keeps you from becoming a crappy doctor. Trick is you just can't let it paralyze you. But don't you worry about a thing, there, Newbie. You're a sure thing to get a kill. In fact, should be any day now!

Cary Brothers' "Blue Eyes" comes up.

J.D.'s Narration: One of the hardest things around here is that sometimes you don't get to know how things end.


Molly: What are you doing?

Elliot: Oh, just waiting for Mr. Phillips. He, uh, showed up the first couple of days, but he's missed his last three rehab appointments.

Molly: I'll wait with you.

Elliot: Thanks.
I got my eyebrows waxed.

Molly: They look really good.


J.D.'s Narration: ...Whether it's wondering if your husband will realize you replaced his dead dog with a shorter replica...


J.D.'s Narration: ...Or wondering when and if you're gonna kill that first person.

J.D.: Okay, everybody, watch closely, because if you're not careful, you can cause a pneumothorax.


J.D.'s Narration: Ultimately it'll drive you crazy if you don't have a friend to help you through it.

Molly: You know, he might have gone to Florida early. Maybe he's going to a hospital down there.

Elliot: You think?

Molly: I don't know. Maybe.

They watch the karaoke singer finish "Blue Eyes."
The girls cheer.

Elliot: Okay, there is no way I'm following that guy. I don't even have my cape.


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