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#606 : Ma comédie musicale

Ma comédie musicale

Réalisateur : Randall Winston
Scénariste : Debra Fordham

Une patiente arrive à l'hôpital avec un grave problème, elle entend tout le monde chanter. Alors ça pousse la chansonnette dans cet épisode : Carla pour son envie de reprendre le travail ou JD et Turk pour leur amitié.

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My musical

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Ma comédie musicale

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My Musical VOST


Everything Comes Down to Poo - Double Speed

Everything Comes Down to Poo - Double Speed


You'll have to Face the Future

You'll have to Face the Future


We're Gonna Miss You Carla

We're Gonna Miss You Carla



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Plus de détails

J.D : After six weeks home with her baby, Carla was facing the decision that all new moms have to face, whether she should go back to work.

Carla : Okay, so if we take my salary and subtract the cost of a full-time nanny, plus her health insurance, we would still end up with losing $5 a month?

Turk : This is completely your decision. I don't care one way or the other.

Carla : Maybe I'll try staying home with Izzy for a year.

Turk : Yes! Yes!  Yes, yes, yes, yes!


J.D : As for me, ever since my pregnant girlfriend left, I've been a little clingy with my roommate.

Elliot : J.D, I'm gonna get a drink from the water fountain. You wanna come?

J.D : Please, Elliot, I'm not that desperate.

J.D : Although I am a little parched. Plus I could hold back her hair.

Elliot : Are you okay, ma'am?

J.D : ♫ Ow many fingers do you see?♫

Elliot : ♫ Call 911 Emergency.♫

Patti Miller : ♫ Why are you singing? Wait, why am I singing?♫

J.D : ♫Is there someone here with you?♫

Elliot : Someone that we could talk to?

Elliot, J.D and passersby : ♫- Are you okay? Are you okay?
- Are you all right? Are you all right?
- Are you okay? Are you okay?
- Are you all right? Are you all right?
- Are you okay? Are you okay?
- Are you all right? Are you all right?♫

J.D : The mind's a freaky thing, Elliot. Maybe she does hear singing.

Elliot : Yeah, well, I haven't sung since the sixth-grade talent show when I did Pat Benatar's ell is For Children, and then afterwards Mr. Shemin, the emcee, said, "No, actually, hell is for everyone who just had to hear you sing that song."
My mom was so mad, she slept with him and ruined his marriage.

J.D : Well, let's see how she's doing.

Kelso : ♫Hello, I'm Dr. Kelso I'm delighted that you came So the doctors say you fainted And you don't know what's to blame Well, put your mind at ease There's no ill we can't outsmart On behalf of all who work here.♫

Kelso, Elliot, J.D, Turk : ♫- Welcome to Sacred Heart! Welcome to Sacred Heart!♫

J.D : ♫ Our facilities are excellent You couldn't ask for more. ♫

Janitor : ♫ As long as you avoid the bathrooms On the second floor.♫

Kelso : ♫ This is Dr. Cox I'll be giving him your chart.♫

Cox : ♫ And that's Dr. Kelso The kiss-ass of Sacred Heart♫

Turk : ♫ You say you burned Your hand real bad We'll fix you up with gauze.♫

Elliot : ♫Perhaps you need your fat sucked out.
- Or want a smaller schnoz.

J.D : ♫Hey!♫

Kelso : ♫You've caught an S. T.D. From some tasty little tart?♫

All: ♫We swear we won't judge you here at Sacred, here at Sacred Here at Sacred Heart!♫

Kelso : ♫One more thing that I should mention If what I've heard is true And everyone appears To be singing to you.
Your case is very serious And we'd better start.♫

All : ♫'Cause if you think we're singing You belong at Sacred Heart!
Doctors! Nurses! Patients! d*ad guys!
Welcome to Sacred Heart.♫


J.D : So, Mrs. Miller passed both the audiological and neurological exams. We cannot find anything that explains why she's hearing music.

Cox : No? How about this for an explanation? She's cuckoo-pants. Run some more tests and turf her to psych.

J.D : ♫ Hey, Mrs. Miller We just need a stool sample.♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫Why do you need a stool sample If you think I'm just a nut?♫

J.D and Turk : ♫'Cause the answer's not in your head, my dear, it's in your butt. ♫


J.D : ♫ You see Everything comes down to poo From the top of your head To the sole of your shoe We can figure out What's wrong with you by Looking at your poo Turk?♫

Turk : ♫ Do you have a hemorrhoid Or is it rectal cancer? When you flush your dookie down You flush away the answer. ♫

J.D : ♫ It doesn't really matter If it's hard or if it's loose We'll figure out what's ailing you As long as it's a deuce Yes!
- Everything comes down to poo.♫

All : ♫ - Everything comes down to poo.♫

J.D : ♫ Cardiovascular and lymphatic Yes, the nervous system, too All across the nation We trust in defecation Everything comes down to poo. ♫

Turk : ♫ If you want to know what's wrong Don't sit and act so cool Just be a man and eat some bran And drop the kids off at the pool.♫

Patient : ♫My stomach hurts!♫

J.D : ♫Check the poo♫

Patient : ♫I sprained my ankle!♫

Turk : ♫Check the poo. ♫

Patient : ♫I was shot!♫

J.D : ♫Check the poo.♫

Paramedic : ♫A homeless guy threw poo in my eye.♫

Turk : ♫Check the poo.♫

Paramedic : ♫Mine or his?♫

J.D : ♫ First him, then you.♫

Turk : ♫It may sound gross.♫

J.D : ♫You may say, "Shush".♫

J.D and Turk : ♫But we need to see What comes out of your tush!

All : ♫ Everything comes down to poo. Everything comes down to poo.
Whether it's a tumor Or a touch of the flu.♫

J.D and Turk : ♫Please won't you pinch us off A big fat clue. Our number one test Is your number two.♫

All : ♫ If there's no breeze Light a match please Everything comes down to.♫

J.D and Turk : ♫ Doo-doo Doo-doo. Doo-doo Doo-doo.♫

All : ♫Everything comes down to poo.♫


Carla :  You can touch her, it's okay.

Elliot : Guess what, you guys? I put an offer on a little house and it just got accepted!

Carla : Congratulations!

J.D : That's awesome.

Elliot : I own a house!

Turk : Come on, baby. See you!

J.D : I'm so excited for us!

Elliot : Does he think that he's moving in with me?

Carla : That would be a "yes."

Kelso : Excuse me, ex-Nurse Turkleton, but if you want to hang out around here you're going to need a visitor's badge.

Ted : ♫ So, Carla, when will you be back?♫

Carla : ♫ Not for a year.♫

The Worthless Peons : ♫ A year? A year?♫

Carla : ♫Not for one long Long year.♫

The Worthless Peons : ♫We understand you love that kid But this ain't no way to treat us.♫

Laverne : ♫And I hesitate to say you did What Judas done to Jesus. ♫

Doug : ♫ When you leave us all we'll be upset.♫

Janitor : ♫ Look out, that floor is very wet. ♫

All: ♫We're going to miss you, Carla We're going to miss you 'round here.
We're going to miss you, Carla We're going to miss you, Carla.
We're saying this through our tears We're saying this through our tears How we ever going to get along without you for a long, long year?♫

Ted : ♫ Who'll tell me that My new toupee looks sweet?♫

Kelso : ♫ Who'll treat my gay son's rash And be discreet?♫

Todd : ♫ Who'll give me better ways to say "Man meat"?

Carla : ♫Pincho chiquito.♫

Todd : ♫Thanks, I'm using that!♫

All: ♫We're going to miss you 'round here. We're going to miss you, Carla. We're saying this through our tears. How we ever gonna get along without you for a long, long year?♫

Turk : ♫ My baby's made the choice. To be at home and not at work. So let us all rejoice. 'Cause she's the brand-new Mama Turk.♫

Carla : ♫ He's right, of course, and yet my heart In spite of this feels torn apart.♫

All : ♫ We're going to miss you, Carla. We're going to miss you 'round here.♫

Ted : ♫I need a tissue, Carla.♫

All : ♫We're saying this through our tears How we ever Going to get along without you?
Ow we ever Going to get along without you?
Ow we ever Going to get along without you...♫

Turk : ♫ Lunch!♫

Carla : ♫It's going to be a long Long year.♫


Mrs. Miller : ♫ Dr. Cox, I'm not crazy.♫

Cox : ♫ Am I still singing?♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫Singing like a bird.♫

J.D : ♫Dr. Cox, huge news I pulled some strings and got the parking spot right behind yours Bumper buddies!♫

Cox : ♫ Still, you're not nearly as bad as her Do you know How much you annoy me?
The answer is, "A lot" Should I list the reasons why? Well, I don't see why not.
It's your hair, your nose. Your chinless face. You always need a hug. Not to mention all the manly. Appletinis that you chug. That you think I am your mentor. Just continues to perplex. And, oh, my God, stop telling me. When you have nerdy sex.♫

J.D : Oh, by the way, the last time Kim was in town, we got some Appletinis and poured them on her good parts!♫

Cox : ♫See now, Newbie, that's the thing. You do, that drives me up a tree. 'Cause no matter how I rant at you. You never let me be. So, I'm stuck With all your daydreaming. Your wish to be my son It makes me suicidal. And I'm not the only one No, I'm not the only one.♫

Janitor : ♫ It all started with a penny in the door. There was a hatred. I had never felt before. So, now I'll make him pay. Each and every day. Until that moussed-haired. Little nuisance Is no more.♫

Cox : ♫So, now that is why I call you names. Like Carol, Jane, and Sue. Like Moesha, Kim, and Lillian Suzanne and Betty-Lou. See, regardless of the names I pick. My feelings are quite clear You're a pain on every day. Of every month of every year.♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫Dr. Cox, you've got to help me. 'Cause I really am distressed. Can't you find another option? Won't you run another test?♫

Cox : ♫ If you want some kind of favor. Really any kind of favor. Please just get me peace and quiet from this God-forsaken pest.♫

J.D : ♫ I think what my bumper buddy is trying to say...♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫Shut your cake-hole, Mary-Beth. Or I swear to God I'll shut it soon.♫

Cox : ♫ Congratulations We'll schedule your test this afternoon. ♫


Elliot : I know J.D.'s in a bad place, but I'm an adult, I'm making good money, I just want to live by myself.

Carla : So, just tell him.

Elliot : Oh, so it's that easy? Then why don't you just tell Turk that you want to go back to work?

Carla : Well, what the hell am I gonna do?
♫ I could tell a bunch of lies.♫

Elliot : ♫ I could buy him his own place.♫

Carla : ♫ I could bring the baby here with me. ♫

Elliot : ♫ Or tell him there's no space.♫

Carla : Those are some lame-ass ideas.

Elliot : We are so screwed.


J.D : ♫ I'm sure you must be scared. Not knowing what this test will bring It could prove that you are crazy. Do you still hear people sing? It's best to know the truth. Of that I have no doubt. But you'll have to face the future. When the truth comes out.♫

Cox : ♫ We are running a test. That's a waste of our time. But at least she'll accept. That she's medically fine. She'll admit that she's nuts. Or I'll have to say snore Just give her the CAT scan. And show her the door.♫

J.D : ♫ While we process your results. We'll take you back to wait.♫

Turk : ♫ We've got drugs to calm you down. So you don't stress about your fate.♫

Both : ♫ It's best to know the truth Of that we have no doubt.
But you'll have to face the future. You'll have to face the future. When the truth comes out.♫

Carla : ♫ You're going to miss it, Carla. You're going to miss it 'round here. Gonna hurt him badly. But you can't stay away. For one whole year.♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫I know that I'm not crazy.♫

J.D : ♫ Everything comes down to poo.♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫I hope that I'm not crazy.♫

J.D : ♫ When we move I'm going to have. My own private loo.♫

Elliot : ♫ How am I supposed to tell him. That he's not moving, too?♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫ Oh, my God!♫

Elliot : ♫ He doesn't have a clue!♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫ I'm crazy!♫ 

Kelso : ♫ If you'd like to reconsider. I'd be glad to do my part If you want, your job is open. Come on back to Sacred Heart. ♫


Neurologist : Look at the temporal lobe. That could be why she's hearing music.

Cox : The biggest aneurysm I've ever seen. The woman's a time bomb.

All : ♫ Sometimes you're. Better off not knowing. But this isn't one of those times. Your world's become a musical. And your doctors speak in rhymes It's best to know the truth. Of that we have no doubt. But you'll have to face the future.♫

Carla : ♫ How can I tell him?♫

Elliot : ♫ How can I tell him? ♫

Cox : ♫ How can I tell her?♫

All : ♫ You'll have to face the future. When the truth comes out. ♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫ So, Dr. Cox, is it serious? ♫


All : ♫ When the truth comes out!♫ 


Elliot : Okay, we have to tell them.

Carla : They're so close, maybe they'll help each other through it.

Elliot : Oh, come on, Carla, they're guys, they're not going to get all touchy-feely.


J.D : ♫ Let's face the facts about me and you. A love unspecified. Though I'm proud to call you Chocolate Bear. The crowd will always talk and stare. ♫

Turk : ♫ I feel exactly those feelings, too. And that's why I keep them inside. 'Cause this bear. Can't bear the world's disdain. And sometimes it's easier to hide. ♫

Bot : Than explain our guy love. That's all it is.
Guy love, he's mine, I'm his. Guy love, he's mine, I'm his. There's nothing gay about it. In our eyes. ♫

Turk : ♫ You ask me 'bout this thing we share. ♫

J.D : ♫ And he tenderly replies.

Turk : ♫ It's guy love. ♫

J.D : ♫ Between two guys. ♫

Turk : ♫Between two guys.
We're closer than The average man and wife. ♫

J.D : ♫ That's why our matching bracelets Say "Turk and J.D."♫

Turk : ♫ You know I'll stick by you. For the rest of my life. ♫

J.D : ♫ You're the only man. Who's ever been inside of me. ♫

Turk :  Whoa, whoa, I just took out his appendix.

J.D : ♫ There's no need to clarify. ♫

Turk : ♫ Oh, no?♫

J.D : ♫ Just let it grow. More and more each day. It's like I've married my best friend. ♫

Turk : ♫ But in a totally manly way. ♫

J.D and Turk : ♫ Let's go. It's guy love, don't compromise. The feeling of some other guy. Holding up your heart into the sky. ♫

J.D : ♫ I'll be there to care through all the lows. ♫

Turk : ♫ I'll be there to share the highs. ♫


J.D and Turk : ♫ It's guy love between two guys. It's guy love between two guys. ♫

J.D : ♫ And when I say, "I love you, Turk".
It's not what it implies. ♫

J.D & Turk : ♫ It's guy love. Between two. Guys. ♫

J.D : No hands.


Elliot : Okay, I'll go first.
J.D., I want to live by myself.

J.D : Okay, no problem. Turk, will you relay this?

Turk : That means you guys are no longer talking.

Elliot : J.D.!
Wait a second, what did she mean, she'll go first?

Carla : Turk, I want to come back to work. It's who I am.

Turk : Well, I always thought family was the most important thing to Puerto Ricans.

Carla : ♫ I've had it up to here. So let me make it very clear. Because I swear I'll never clue you in again. Every time that you profess I come from Puerto Rico. ♫

Turk : ♫ Yes?♫

Carla : ♫For the last time, Turk, I'm Dominican! ♫

Turk : ♫ Don't make a big to-do. I was simply testing you. ♫

Carla : ♫ Then why'd you tell J.D. Our baby's Blaxican?♫

Turk : ♫ Babe, you know I know the truth. ♫

Carla : ♫ Well, I need a little proof .So list all you know about me Or no sex again. ♫

Turk : ♫ Let's see, your name is Carla . ♫

Carla : ♫ Oh, yes. ♫

Turk : ♫ You are Latina. ♫

Carla : ♫ Impressive. ♫

Turk : ♫ You're a nurse, your mother's dead And... Wait, I've got it. Three sisters. ♫

Carla : ♫ Turk! ♫

Turk : ♫ Two sisters? Well, I'm sure you have. A brother who's a huge jerk-off . ♫

Carla : ♫ Tell me, what's my middle name?♫

Turk : ♫ Okay, I'm tired of this game. Let's forget it, I give up I guess you win again. But it's not just me who gets mixed up. By all this crazy ethnic stuff. ♫

Todd : ♫ Sorry, even I know she's Dominican. ♫

Carla : ♫ Did I grow up in Illinois Or was it Michigan? How long before we met Was I in medicine? Was our wedding song The Beatles or Led Zeppelin? Am I freakin' Puerto Rican Or Dominican?♫

Turk : ♫ The thing is guys remember facts. Like what Derek Jeter hit last year Which was.303. And that is why our brains are maxed. And there's no room for things like Birthdays or ethnicities. ♫

Carla : ♫ Well, thank you for that glimpse Into the workings of the inner man. ♫

Turk : ♫ Let's talk about your job. And not the fact that you're ♫

Carla : ♫ Dominican! ♫

Turk : ♫ You're not staying home from work? ♫

Carla : ♫ Will that make you happy, Turk? ♫

Turk : ♫ I'll support you if you choose To earn the Benjamins. ♫

Carla : ♫ Then I'll return to work today. Now, you're sure that that's okay? ♫

Turk : ♫ I say, "Sí" Which is "yes" in Dominican. And Puerto Rican. ♫

Carla : ♫ Turk! ♫ 

Turk : ♫ But you're Dominican! ♫


Elliot : Look, J.D., I don't want to let you down when your life is so crappy. Move in with me.

J.D : No, Elliot, it's okay. I was just feeling sorry for myself. Plus, it's about time you lived on your own. You're closer to 40 than 30.

Elliot : J.D., I'm 29.

J.D : I'm playing with you. Listen, we're gonna be fine. You know why?

J.D : ♫ We'll be friends forever. We're going to be friends forever. We will always be true. Friends forever. We're going to be friends forever. I'll always be there for you. We're as close as. ♫

Turk : ♫ The vena cava and the aorta. ♫

J.D : ♫ We're best friends just like. ♫

Elliot : ♫ Amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. ♫

Kelso : ♫ The tibia, the fibula. The left and right ventricle. ♫

Elliot : ♫ A hypodermic needle And a latex tourniquet. ♫

All : ♫ Diverticulitis and a barium enema. ♫

Kelso : ♫ The vena cava and the aorta.

Elliot : ♫ Amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. ♫

Kelso : ♫ The tibia, the fibula. The left and right ventricle. ♫

Elliot : ♫A hypodermic needle. And a latex tourniquet. ♫

Kelso : ♫ The vena cava and the aorta. ♫

Elliot : ♫ Amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. ♫

Kelso : ♫ The tibia, the fibula. The left and right ventricle. ♫

Elliot : ♫ A hypodermic needle and a... ♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫  What's going to happen? What does the future hold? So many things that I put off. Assuming I'd have time. Assuming. I'd grow old. What's going to happen. And will I be alive tomorrow? What's going to happen to me? ♫

Cox : ♫ You're going to be okay. ♫

All : ♫ That's what's going to happen. That's what's going to happen. Everything's okay. We're right here beside you. We won't let you slip away Plan for tomorrow. 'Cause we swear to you. You're going to be okay. ♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫ I'm going to be okay. ♫

All : ♫ That's what's going to happen. ♫

Mrs. Miller : ♫ Everything's okay. ♫

All : ♫ Everything's okay. We will never leave you. Right here we will stay. Plan for tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow. 'Cause we swear to you. You're going to be okay. ♫

J.D : ♫ We hope. ♫



Mrs. Miller : Did it work?

Cox : You're gonna have to tell us.


Mrs. Miller : Thank you.

J.D : By the way, who was the best singer? You know, like, in your head? Don't let the fact that I went to theater camp affect your decision.

J.D.: In musicals, there's always a happy ending. But in life, sometimes when you get what you want, you end up missing what you left behind. Whether it's your roommate...

Carla : I'll see you in a little while, okay.

J.D : ... or time spent with your child. Or even the music you used to hear in your head.


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