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#207 : Mes premiers pas

Mes premiers pas

Réalisateur : Lawrence Trilling
Scénariste : Mike Schwartz

Rien ne va plus entre le Dr Cox et Julie Keaton, la représentante la plus sexy de toute l'industrie pharmaceutique. Il a beau être le seul à la rejeter, il pourrait bien tomber sous son charme. Pendant ce temps, JD se prend pour le boss d'Elliot en lui disant quoi faire et Carla est vexée que son petit ami la traite de "simple infirmière".

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Titre VO
My First Step

Titre VF
Mes premiers pas

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


Cox VS Jd (VO)

Cox VS Jd (VO)


Julie is here ! (VO)

Julie is here ! (VO)


Perry VS Julie (VO)

Perry VS Julie (VO)



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Open: A Patient's Room

J.D. is at the bed of a young man.

J.D.'s Narration: As a doctor, you learn to use anything you can to keep a patient from getting hurt again.

J.D.: So, Mike, before we get you out of here, I think it's important we go over this one more time, okay?

J.D.'s Narration: ...Even their own home video.

He turns to the TV set and plays a segment of a video tape which depicts the young man riding his skateboard down the hand rail of a set of stairs.

J.D.: See, right about here is where you get hurt.

The tape depicts Mike's board slipping, and him falling against the rail in a straddling position.

J.D.: Aw-ha-ha!

He runs the tape back.

J.D.: See--here, you're not hurt, and then--- Oh! Good God! Hurt again!

He rewinds again.

J.D.: Not hurt.... Hurt!

And again.

J.D.: Baritone.... Soprano!

He laughs...and rewinds yet again.

J.D.: Married with two kids.... Dying old---

Mike: Look, I-I get it, okay.

J.D.: Okay; okay, Mike, that's all that matters.

He runs it through one last time.

J.D.: Victor.... Ohhhhh....Victoria!

Cut to...

The Nurses' Station

J.D. is talking to Dr. Cox.

J.D.: I mean, the kid thinks he's Evil Knievel


Dr. Cox: Oh, gosh, Martha, I'd love to attend your safety camp this summer -- I would -- but here my parents are making me go to Maine with them. So whatta you say you make sure and take a lot of pictures, that way, when you get back, we can both sit down and put together a "Friends Forever" collage. Come on, now, the kid's sixteen years old -- he's a little busted up, it's not that big a deal. I mean, hell, when...when you were a kid, you must've cut your hand on your doll house?

J.D.: Oh, please. I lived for danger.

***Flashback/Fantasy Sequence: A Front Yard

A young J.D. (maybe 7 or 8 years old) is decked out in full padding and a football helmet. He faces the camera.

Little J.D.: Who's ready for some frisbee!

A frisbee is thrown at him, and hits him in his helmeted head. He collapses.

Little J.D.: Get my mom! Get my mom!


J.D.: I had...four different helmets.

Dr. Cox: Lookit, I don't have time right now to be the hundred-watt bulb for your annoying little moth, so if you could just fly away, that'd be great. Just fly awa--hey....?

J.D. easily turns and leaves without much encouragement, startling Dr. Cox.

J.D.'s Narration: I usually don't walk away from Dr. Cox, but today's the day the pharmaceutical reps show up to peddle their new drugs. And, at Sacred Heart, that means one thing: Julie's here.

To the tune of Robert Palmer's "Bad Case of Loving You", the total babe Julie walks in -- throwing the hospital into a slack-jawed tizzy.... Heads turn, tongues wag, even the dead rise to get a look.

J.D., Turk, Elliot, and Carla are bunched up against a wall, staring.

J.D.: Damn.

Turk: Da-amn!

Carla: Damn...

They look at her.

Carla: What? She's hot.

J.D.: No, _that's_ hot.

Turk: Baby, you know that fantasy I have of you, me, and a player to be named later...?

Carla: Yeah, fine. If it was someone like her, I'd go for it.

Turk: You are the best thing that has _ever_ happened to me.

He leaves the group.

Elliot: [to Carla] I can't believe that you said that!

Carla: Oh, what? It's not like he's actually gonna do anything about it.

She looks over at Turk, who's chatting up Julie and pointing at Carla. Julie turns to look at her. She waves and smiles.

Julie: Oh!

Turk: Hey, Baby!

Carla frets.

J.D.: Yeah...you can't ever give a guy that window.






Re-open: Julie is going over some paperwork at the counter of the Nurses' Station

J.D. walks towards her.

J.D.'s Narration: Even though she was way out of my league, I decided to show some guts and lay down the smoothest rap I knew.

J.D.: [nervous] ...Hey....

Julie: Hi, handsome! I'm Julie.

She extends her hand. He shakes it.

J.D.: Ohh? Were you named after a precious jewel...ie?

She giggles a little.

Julie: You're cute! Would you like a pen?

She gestures to the collection of promotional pens stuck in the breast pocket of her snug blouse.

J.D.: No.... I'd _love_ one.

Julie: Well, go ahead, take it.

She pushes her chest forward.

J.D. nervously extends his hand.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Steady.... Easy, now.... You're almost...there!

Dr. Cox interrupts by emitting a sharp whistle at J.D. and batting his hand away.

J.D.: But I---

Dr. Cox: That's a _bad_ Newbie!

He turns to Julie.

Dr. Cox: My _God_, you'd be more subtle if you stood naked in the hallway, eating a 10-inch kielbasa.

Julie: That hurts, Perry!

Dr. Cox spins J.D. around and pushes him down the hall.

Dr. Cox: Let's go.

Julie: Well, I gotta say, I don't mind watching you two boys walk away! Oh, yeah, work it! Ow!

Dr. Cox groans miserably.

J.D.: She's talking about our tushies. I say we go back, but let's walk backwards!

Dr. Cox: There is no one I hate more than that Medusa -- she is everything that's wrong with medicine. And even knowing that she's in the hospital makes me want to tear someone's head off.

Elliot rushes up.

Elliot: Dr. Cox! Is this a g-good time? Because I just have a teeny, teeny-weeny little question about Mrs. Kahn's necrotizing fasciitis.

Dr. Cox: Oh, for you, Barbie: anything!

Elliot: Super!

She takes a breath to begin her question, but he cuts her off.

Dr. Cox: But first, an interesting side note: I actually had my physical last week, and while my cholesterol was low, my blood pressure was through the roof. Needless to say, my physician was stumped; but now -- thank God! -- you've helped us solve that riddle. You see, because, the very instant I heard your shrill voice whining about a teeny-weeny problem, aw, it took every ounce of self-restraint I had to keep blood from shooting out my ears.

Elliot: Doesn't it seem like, in the time it took to say all that, you could've just helped me out instead?

Dr. Cox: Well, yes it does. But, here, that's what makes it delicious.

He walks away.

J.D. laughs.

Elliot looks at him.

J.D.: What? I am not gonna say a word.

Elliot: You just did.

J.D.: Except that. And...that. And now that. And that and that and that. [laughs] It just keeps on going!

Disgusted, she walks away.


Nurses' Station (a...nother one.)

Carla is going over some paperwork. Turk sidles up to her.

Turk: Hey, cutie! What's your name?

Carla: I'm Carla, I'm your girlfriend, and as much as I usually love it, I really don't have time to play that game where we pretend we never met, okay?

Turk: Carla's a pretty name.

Carla: You know I'd play, Sweetie; you know I'd play. But, because I'm "just a nurse", I have to go get Dr. Wilder's permission to give his patient some food even though I know it's perfectly fine.

Todd comes up to the desk.

Todd: Speaking of things that are perfectly fine....

Carla: Eugh.

She goes on her way.

Todd: That was a compliment! Why won't any women talk to me?

A nearby nurse speaks up.

Nurse: Because you're slimy. And you turn everything into a double entendre.

Todd: Not true!

The nurse goes on her way.

There's a pause until she's completely out of ear-shot.

Turk: Go ahead.

Todd: I'd like to double her entendre!

He laughs and throws his hand up.

Todd: Please?

Turk gives him the high-five.



The Janitor is putting on his jacket and heading towards the front door.

J.D.'s Thoughts: He's leaving! This is officially the greatest day ever!

J.D.: Taking off?

Janitor: Yeah. If that's okay?

J.D.: That's fine.

Janitor: You know, I just wanted to, uh, sneak out for an hour, and see my kid's fourth grade play. But, you caught me!

J.D.: No. N-n-no--no catchies.

Janitor: No, no, no; I think you're right. From now on, before I do anything, I'll make sure to run it by you first. Permission to go see my kid's attempt to overcome his crippling shyness by appearing in his fourth grade class's production of "Town Without A Turkey"?

J.D.: I gotta get back to work.

Janitor: "Back to work..." Message received.

He whips off his jacket and heads back to work.

J.D.'s Thoughts: What just happened!?!


Doctors' Lounge

Elliot is going over her patient's chart. J.D. is there with her.

Elliot: I can't figure out what to do about Mrs. Kahn. I don't know if I should send her to surgery?

J.D.: Well, don't send her to surgery. I'll tell you what you do: You wait and see. And I know I'm right, 'cause I'm a "wait and see" kind of guy. You know, Elliot, in modern medicine, we're faced with tough decisions almost every day---

Elliot: You are amazing!

J.D.: Well, amazing is sort of a strong word.... I just show up and let the Lord work through me.

Elliot: You actually think you're a better doctor than me, don't you?

He stops to ponder this question.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Well, I do have better bed-side manner.... I anticipate problems way ahead of time.... Oh, and my hair never gets in my face; so yes, yes I do!


J.D.: No I don't.

Elliot: [blows a strand of hair out of her face] Yes you do. Every time you stare off in to space like this....

She mimics his thoughtful pose.

Elliot: ...I know you're just thinking of something you're too afraid to say.

J.D.: Please, I never do this....

He makes the pose. Then laughs at her.

Then he thinks....and unconsciously does stare off in to space, just as she suggested.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Maybe she's just upset because she knows I'm right?

Elliot: Oh, my God!


Nurses' Station

Dr. Cox is going over a chart. J.D. comes up to him.

J.D.: Dr. Cox, I hate to bring it up again, but it seems important.... Julie likes our tushies.

Dr. Cox: Newbie, any doctor with even a shred of self-respect wouldn't give that woman the time of day.

Approaching from down the hall are Julie and Dr. Kelso, who is fully decked out in Plomox promotional attire -- t-shirt, cap, buttons, with an armful of promotional goodies -- and laughing like a kid in a candy store.

Dr. Kelso: [laughing] Oh, Julie!

Dr. Cox: Well, well. If it isn't the Captain and Tennille of the underworld.

Julie: Hi, boys!

J.D.: Hi, Julie!

Dr. Kelso: Perry, do you know the name of the new anti-arrhythmic drug that Julie is selling?

Dr. Cox stares straight at the name plastered on all of Dr. Kelso's goodies.

Dr. Cox: That's a tough one.

J.D.: [whispering] It's Plomox.

Dr. Cox: Nice work, Nancy Drew. Now, see if you can solve the one about the missing ID badge.

He unclips J.D.'s ID badge and flings it down the hall. J.D. chases after it.

Julie: Plomox is the most effective anti-arrhythmic drug on the market right now. And it has minimal side-effects: Only nausea, impotence, and anal leakage.

Dr. Cox: I'm getting two out of three just from the conversation.

Dr. Kelso: You kids can talk more about it tonight over the pharmaceutical dinner that you're going to help her put together.

Dr. Cox: Don't do this to me, Bob!

Julie: Do it to him, Bob!

Dr. Kelso: And Perry, we're going to need a big staff turn-out, so don't take "no" for an answer!

Dr. Cox: You going, there, Chief?

Dr. Kelso: No! If I wanted to make boring small talk over low-grade beef, I'd have dinner at home.

He departs.

Dr. Cox laughs miserably.

Julie giggles with satisfaction.


A Patient's Room

Carla is adjusting some equipment.

Carla: I'm just increasing your Lidocaine drip just a little bit, okay, Mr. Brooks?

Turk sticks his head in.

Turk: Hey, uh, Carla? You got a second?

Carla: No, actually I'm swamped.

Turk: I got a present for you...!

Flash to...

On-Call Room

Turk and Carla are there. She MADE time for a present.... She examines the small box in her hands.

Carla: [grinning] Why would you get me a present?

Turk: Why does it need to be a birthday or an anniversary for me to get my baby a little somesing-somesing.

Carla: Ahhh. Plus, you figure you'd get yourself a little at work "somesing-somesing."

Turk: I'll get the door!

She giggles as he rushes to shut the door.

He zips back, and she opens the small box.

Carla: [unimpressed] Wow! A bus pass! Help me get off my bra.

Turk: [announcer voice] That's not all! You'll use that bus pass for an all expense paid trip to...Nurse Practitioner School! [whips out a brochure] Where you'll learn how to be more than "just a nurse"!

Carla: "Just" a nurse?

Turk: [still with the voice] Did I say "just a nurse"? I meant "a nurse"! [he drops the voice] Honey, you were complaining about having to ask Dr. Wilder for permission just to feed a patient. And this way, you'll have more responsibility, plus you'll make more money; so, I thought that---

Carla: You thought that the only reason I've been doing my job for the last eight years is because someone didn't come along to hand me a brochure?

Turk: And a bus pass?

She slams down the box and heads for the door.

Carla: You're unbelievable.

She storms out.

Turk: Damn!

Todd sticks his head over the edge of the top bunk.

Todd: Dude! I am just as disappointed as you are.



Elliot approaches J.D.

Elliot: J.D., look, even though I decided to send Mrs. Kahn to surgery, I know that you were just trying to help me in your own...sucky way. And...I over-reacted, and that's something I've been working on in therapy to not do as much.

J.D.: But, I still think you should have gone with my "wait and see" approach.

Elliot: Well, you're not the boss of me!!!

She runs off.

J.D.: I'm not the boss of anyone around here.

The Janitor approaches him.

Janitor: Permission to use the can, Boss.

J.D.: Enough, already! I'm not doing this.

The Janitor stands before J.D., shifting from one foot to the other, desperately clutching the front of his pants.

J.D.: Fine! Permission granted!

Relieved, the Janitor turns to run down the hall to the men's room. Still "holding it all in," he runs in to a staffer coming from that direction. The Janitor bobs and weaves, frantically trying to get past.


Another Hall

Dr. Kelso approaches Carla.

Dr. Kelso: So, Mr. Brooks is doing peachy, huh?

Carla: Peachy-keen.

Dr. Kelso: Great. Great! A patient's improvement is always cause for celebration here at Sacred Heart. And yet, for some reason, I'm not wearing a party hat, sitting bare-ass on the hospital's copier machine.

Carla looks at him.

Dr. Kelso: You know why? It's not because I have the name Johnny tattooed on my butt -- he's an old sailor buddy, and if you went through what we did, you'd understand. It's because somebody went ahead and increased Mr. Brooks' Lidocaine drip, and by law that could only be a doctor. Are _you_ a doctor, Nurse Espinosa?

Carla has no answer.

Dr. Kelso: Well?

Carla: No, sir.

Dr. Kelso: You're damn right, you're not.

Lecture over, he leaves.



Julie comes up to Dr. Cox.

Julie: So, how's the guest list for tonight's steak dinner shaping up?

Dr. Cox: Well, now, I don't have any definitive confirmations yet, but, admittedly, that could be because I haven't asked anyone.

He chuckles at her.

Julie: Why does it have to be like this every time I come here? I mean, what is your problem with me?

Dr. Cox: Okay. Well, for starters, everyone here knows that you sell pills, and yet you use phrases like "take orally" and "increases blood flow" way, _way_ too much. I mean, jeepers, Julie, don't you understand you got half the doctors on this staff believing that if they go ahead and join team Plomox, that they got an outside shot of you showing them the cotton inside your bottle?

He whispers in her ear:

Dr. Cox: Would you like to know the real dirty, dirty little secret?

He pulls back to look her in the eye.

Dr. Cox: It's that your drug is so damn good that you guys went ahead and put a six-hundred percent mark-up on it. But, hey, the only ones who get hurt are the sick people, right? And since your company damn-sure doesn't care about them, and you're part of the system, that just means you don't care, either. And that's...pretty much what's making me sick; that's all.

Julie: Well, you can say what you want, Perry. But we both know that you'd love nothing more than to smack this fine ass.

She gives herself a deft spank.

Julie: Ooh!

Dr. Cox: Oh!

Julie: Perry?

And another, as she turns and walks towards the door.

Julie: Harder, Perry! [spank] Ooh! Don't stop, Perry! [spank] Ow! Perry. That feels goo-ooh-ooh-ood!

He whimpers with sexual frustration as she walks out of the ward.


Hospital Entrance

J.D. is wheeling Mike out.

J.D.: All right, so you promise me you're gonna be more careful, right?

Mike: Look, dude, the only way to feel alive is to push the limits once in a while. You know?

J.D.: Well.... Keep it real!

Mike: Oh, God.

Rather than wheeling himself down the wheelchair ramp, Mike rides his chair clunkily down the steps.

Mike: See ya, geek!

J.D.: Buy a cup!

J.D. turns and notices Elliot leaning against the exterior wall.

J.D.: Hey. What's wrong?

Elliot: Mrs. Kahn died on the operating table.

J.D. slumps against the wall with her.

J.D.'s Narration: There are a lot of things that can take you by surprise.

J.D.'s Narration: Sometimes, it's just realizing that you're not as happy as you thought.

Carla is thinking about her situation.

J.D.'s Narration: Sometimes, it's a hot chick smacking her tushie.

Dr. Cox is thinking about Julie.

J.D.'s Narration: And sometimes, it's when you take a chance...and lose.

Elliot: [sighs] This just sucks.... You know?

J.D.'s Thoughts: This is a crucial moment. Pick your words carefully.

J.D.: I guess I was right after all.

Hurt, she leaves him.

J.D.: [to self] Stupid!




Hallway -- Outside a Lecture Hall

J.D. watches Elliot pace back and forth outside the room.

J.D.'s Narration: I had to talk to Elliot before she went in to the Morbidity and Mortality Conference; 'cause nothing puts you in a worse mood than having to explain why your patient died.

J.D.'s Thoughts: I just need an opportunity to talk to her when there's no possible way that she can interrupt me.

He notices her eating something.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Peanut-butter cracker! Go, go, go!

He rushes up to her and tries to say everything before she can swallow.

J.D.: Elliot! Hey! What I said earlier came out completely the wrong way; I just want you to know that I-I---

She spits her mouthful of cracker out into her hand.

Elliot: Bite me!

She turns and goes into the room.

J.D.: She's a crafty lass.


A Banquet Hall

Turk and Carla are at a table.

Turk: Baby, I know you had a rough day, and I know I was part of it, so I thought I'd make it up to you by taking you out to a nice dinner.

The camera pulls back to reveal that their table is shared by Dr. Cox and Todd...they're at the pharmaceutical dinner.

Todd: Which one of these waitresses you think will do me?

Dr. Cox: I'd say you got an outside shot with the bus-boy over there.

Carla: [to Turk] You realize this doesn't count, right?

Turk: Yeah, but, Baby: Free steak!

Dr. Cox: You just flat-out get women, don't you.

Turk: [to Carla] Baby, this is kind of romantic, right?

Todd picks up his steak with his fingers.

Todd: Check it out: It's a meat cookie!

Carla: Ugh-guh.

She grabs for her wine.

Julie comes over to their table, leaning in between Dr. Cox and Todd.

Julie: Hello, boys and girl! So, how's the food?

Todd: Mmm.

Turk: Free!

Julie: And how are you, Dr. Cox?

She leans over, practically spilling her breasts out of her top.

Dr. Cox: Look, I'm just here to enjoy my meal, so unless those things dispense A-1 sauce, I'd keep movin'.

Julie: That is so, so funny! You know what else is funny? How you claim you want nothing to do with me, yet, every time I turn around, there you are. Hm! I wonder why that is?

She walks away from the table, and knowing she has his eye, gives herself a spank.

Julie: Ooh! That feels good!

This naturally turns the heads of all the men at the rest of the tables.


Lecture Hall

A large collection of medical students -- including Elliot and J.D. -- are seated, listening to Dr. Kelso at the front of the room.

Dr. Kelso: Finally we have, um, Dr. Reid's necrotizing fasciitis case. Deceased.

Elliot tenses up.

Dr. Kelso: Oh, don't be frightened, Sweetheart, no one's on trial, here -- at least not until the family sues your little behind.

Elliot laughs.

Dr. Kelso: Sweetie, I'm not joking. But, should that happen, you may rest assured that the hospital will stand behind you one-hundred percent.

Elliot: Thank you very much, sir.

Dr. Kelso: Now, see, there I _was_ joking. Try to keep up.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Oh, God, this is painful. It's like watching a shark circle a baby harp seal.

Dr. Kelso: Dr. Reid faced a very difficult decision. And she chose an extremely risky course.

J.D.'s Thoughts: He's like a royal python torturing a hopper mouse. ...Man, I love Animal Planet.

Kelso: I believe we all have a lesson to learn from Dr. Reid's case....

J.D.'s Thoughts: And here comes the crushing blow!

Dr. Kelso: ...I say, kudos to Dr. Reid.

J.D.: Whattos to who?

Student: Shhh.

Dr. Kelso: ...Without surgery, her patient didn't have a popsicle's chance in hell. By making the tough choice, she at least gave Mrs. Kahn an honest shot.

Elliot smiles with relief and pride.

Dr. Kelso: And now, for all of you "wait and see" doctors out there....

***Fantasy Sequence: J.D. sits alone in the hall, and Dr. Kelso addresses him. Only him.

Dr. Kelso: ...If you do not get to the point where you have the courage to take risks, you will _never_ be a great doctor.

J.D.: Never?

Dr. Kelso: Never _ever_.


The lecture ends and the students file out of the hall; except for J.D., who remains in his seat, stunned.

Cut back to...

The Banquet Hall

Turk is eating Carla's steak.

Carla: Turk, don't eat off my plate!

Turk: You're right, Baby, I'm sorry; that's rude.

He jams his fork into her steak and pulls it on to his plate.

Carla: So, you're having steak with a side of steak?

Turk: That's right -- turf and turf.

Carla: You know what? I'm on my second glass of good wine, I'm watching my boyfriend try to eat his body-weight in meat, and I am extremely tickled that the only thing Dr. Cox wants isn't on the menu. Ha!

She giggles.

Dr. Cox has failed to really hear what she was saying, though, as he was staring at Julie.

Dr. Cox: What?

Carla: Oh, what can I say? I'm finally having a good time.

Dr. Cox: That'll pass.

Todd: [to Carla] I still think it's pretty lame that you didn't like Turk's nurse practitioner present.

Turk: Dude.

Dr. Cox: Told ya.


A Patient's Room

Elliot is tending to the patient. J.D. enters.

J.D.: Hey, Elliot, I'm...I'm sorry that I was such a jerk before. But, hey, I got mine...right? Anyway, thanks for being classier than I am and not rubbing it in my face.

Elliot: No problem. Hey.... You never told me that you're part Native American.

J.D.: What are you talking about?

Elliot: Aren't you a member of the Waitansee tribe?

He turns and leaves.

She yells after him:

Elliot: Oh, come on! I--I laughed so hard when I thought of that that I peed a little!

She explains to the patient:

Elliot: I changed right after.

Cut back to...

The Banquet Hall

Todd: Well, seriously, why wouldn't you want a better job?

Turk: Hold up. My Baby's happy with being just a nurse. Did I say "Just a nurse"? I didn't mean "just a nur--". Nobody at this table said "just---". I meant: "A Nurse." Right, Baby?

Carla: That's right!

Todd: Why?

Dr. Cox: Oh, just not smart. Even for you.

Carla: Excuse _me_ for not having all your male ambition. I can't believe anyone would look down on me because I'm good at what I do, and because I love doing it!

Turk: I'm sick to my stomach.

Carla: Me too, Turk! Me too!

Turk: No, Baby, I'm serious; I think I'm in trouble here.

Carla: Baby?



J.D. is walking through, an apple in hand.

The Janitor cuts him off.

Janitor: Permission to speak, sir?

J.D.: You know what -- no. No, you may not speak -- not now, and not ever, okay? You have overplayed your hand and you may never talk to me again. Those are the rules of the game.

Janitor: Then I quit.

J.D.: No, no, no, no! No quitsies! Check-mate, Gin, and Yahtzee, my friend.

Janitor: You know, my son used to love to play Yahtzee with me, until you made me skip his play. Now he won't eat!

J.D.: We've started a new game now, haven't we.

Janitor: Yeah. It's called, You don't eat...until Timmy does.

He jerks the apple out of J.D.'s hand and throws it into the nearby trash-can.


Outside the Banquet Hall

Dr. Cox is walking to his car.

Reclined on the hood is Julie.

Dr. Cox: My mechanic has that poster in his garage.

Julie: Does he have this one...?

She turns and arches her back.

Dr. Cox: Actually, it's a family business.

Julie: So, here we are. Two people...street lamp...full moon....

Dr. Cox: ...Guy pissin' on the dumpster. Oh! Did I break the mood?

She slips off his car and walks over to him.

Julie: Fine. Want me to drop the flirty crap? I'm interested in you. I think we're a lot alike, I think we have chemistry...and I think you're scared, so you use what I do as an excuse not to give us a try.

Dr. Cox: Sorry, I gotta go.

She sighs as he walks to the driver-side door.

Dr. Cox: You okay?

Julie: Look at that -- I bounced back!

She turns and walks away. He takes a deep breath as he watches her leave.

Cut to...

The Hospital -- A Treatment Room

Turk is curled up on a table, clutching his stomach. Carla comforts him.

Turk: Baby, my stomach's gonna explode!

Carla: It's only heartburn, Sweetie, you'll be fine.

She kisses him.

Dr. Cox enters the doorway. Carla walks over to meet him.

Dr. Cox: Hey.

Carla: Hey.

Dr. Cox: How's, uh, how's MeatHead?

Carla: I know I'm not a doctor, but if you could order a strong antiemetic, that would be great.

Dr. Cox: For the record, you know you would ace that nurse practitioners program.

Carla: Really? You think so? Well, what if the classes are too hard? What if the teachers are mean? What if the other kids don't like me?

Dr. Cox: Okay.

Carla: Of course I would ace that program! But I barely get to see my boyfriend as it is. And if I went to class five nights a week? Well.... I guess I'm taking my chances on Turk right now.

Dr. Cox looks in to the room.

Dr. Cox: Him?

Turk: [in pain] Somebody make it stop!

Carla: I just don't want to look back and wonder what could have been, you know?

Dr. Cox: Yeah.

He gives her the prescription.

Carla: Thanks.



J.D. is at a table. Elliot comes up and sits next to him.

Elliot: Hey. How's it going?

J.D.: You have more jokes, don't you?

Elliot: I jotted a couple of things down!

She flips through a small notepad.

J.D.: Mm. You see that nurse over there? I love her. Every night at 10:30 for the last year, I've watched her come in here and get a cup of coffee. And not once have I had the courage to even ask her her name.

Elliot: Well, if it makes you feel any better, she has a snaggletooth.

J.D.: The point is, Kelso's right; you know? It's not even just professionally -- in my personal life, I don't take any chances, either. I want to, I just...I can never seem to take that first step.

Elliot: Come here!

J.D.: What?

She stands and takes his hand.

Elliot: Come on!

She quickly leads him out of the cafeteria.

J.D.: Where are we going? I don't--I don't want to go anywhere. I want to spend time with Snaggletooth!

Elliot: Nooo.

The Counting Crows' "Rain King" starts to play.

J.D.'s Narration: I guess it all comes down to what we're willing to risk.

Dr. Cox enters the bar, where Julie is sitting, obviously waiting for him.

J.D.'s Narration: For some of us, it's our feelings....

He sits down next to her at the bar, and she pushes his waiting drink in front of him.

Julie: Wanna talk?

He takes up his glass.

Dr. Cox: No.

Turk is resting his head in Carla's lap on the couch in his apartment.

J.D.'s Narration: For others, it's our future....

Turk: Baby?

Carla: Hm?

Turk: If I had to do it again, I would. 'Cause I love steak.

Carla: I know, Buppy. [she kisses him] I know.

J.D.'s Narration: For me, it was taking a risk, period. Even if that meant starting with my very first step.

J.D. and Elliot are on a bridge with daredevil former patient Mike.

Mike: Dude, you're gonna love this!

J.D.: I don't wanna do it.

Elliot: Come on, what's the worst that could happen?

J.D.: We could die!

Elliot: Okay, the second worst?

J.D.: Can't we just go back and talk to Snaggletooth?!

Elliot: No! Here we go!

Together: ONE! TWO! THREE!

They scream as they leap off the bridge, laughing and whooping as the bungee cord swings them to and fro.

The song fades.


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